Hub City Press

Services We Provided:

  • Content Development
  • Project Managment
  • Photography
  • Editorial Services


A need to showcase local flavor and uniqueness of the area.


Produce the Underground Guide to Spartanburg, a book with over 200 things to do in the area and highlight locally owned and operated businesses.


Hub City Press initially approached us to be the editor on Volume 1. It turned out they needed more than an editor. We ended up providing pre-publication sales, photography, creative writing, editorial services, and promotional support for this publication. As the editor, we worked with over thirty writers, photographers and videographers to develop a common voice. Volume 1, published in 2012, was the best selling book by the publisher in the last decade and sold out. Volume 2, updated with new content, was published in 2015.


Hub City Press

Joe Mullinax with MoreView Media brings the whole package: he is a good writer, has an eye for photography AND produces videos. We will absolutely use him again.

Betsy Teter , Executive Director Hub City Press