As a project-based marketing firm, we provide a wide range of services. Our core competencies are focused on delivering your message via video, in print and on the web.

Video tells a story like nothing else.

We specialize in made-for-web productions shot on location. From being on the river to being in the board room, we capture the experience. Then we edit and produce the video using the latest software and techniques until it’s ready for delivery to you. Live events, corporate training, promotional videos, interviews, and business overviews are all part of the repertoire.

You Can’t Replace the Physical Impact of a Printed Piece

We work with you on developing content then handle all the details of production, ushering the final product along until delivery. Using our network of handpicked graphic designers we are able to offer a wide range of print styles. When it’s time for production, we’ll find the best printer at the best price. Self-mailers, maps, guides, rack cards, and newsletters have all come across our desk and are now delivering results for our clients.

Responsive Web Design

The Web is no longer just on a desktop or handheld. The devices which display websites have evolved into a vast array of various sizes and aspect ratios. Your website should take this into account and respond appropriately. All of our sites are built with responsive design. Of course, it all starts with content. We’ll help you develop your message. Then we’ll design a site that is easy to use and easy to update. We can also handle your hosting needs. Whether you are starting from the beginning or creating a new look for your existing site, we’ll make you sure you look good to the world.

Photographs Make It Real

1,500 words about your business will tell your customers a great deal. A single photo will instantly give them a feeling. The power of photography is undeniable.

We offer photography as an add-on service. We capture portraits and locations in support of existing projects. If you need stand-alone photography, we are happy to recommend commercial, editorial, and portrait photographers.

Additional Services

Helping your projects move along.

One Stop Shop

From concept to completion, projects has many moving pieces. We’ll help every step of the way. We provide consulting on marketing strategy, project management, and content generation and development. We pride ourselves on making life easier for our clients with our one stop shop service.


We are available for short-term projects and long-term contracts. We understand that sometimes you need help managing a special project and sometimes it is more efficient to outsource a position.

Standard rate: $125/hour

Non-profit & very small business rate: $75/hour

Very small businesses are defined as having fewer than 3 employees.

Contracts will be issued for all work.