Discover Upcountry Carolina Association

Industry: Tourism

Discover Upcountry Carolina Association is one of South Carolina's regional tourism development and promotion agencies as designated by the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (SCPRT). Their mission is to promote tourism as an economic activity in the area.

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Short term or long term projects

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Discover Upcountry has a small staff and a large territory. They cover six counties in the Upstate of SC and are charged with promoting tourism in the region. We first became involved when they needed content and development for their newsletters. Then we assisted in the development of a new website, managed the data migration and created new content for the site. We’ve handled all aspects of their online business and contribute creative writing to their print publication.

We use MoreView Media every week. They handle our online presence, from social media to updating content on our website. They produce our newsletters, both for the industry and for the public. Come to think of it, they do most of what gets done around here!

Tim Todd , Executive Director Discover Upcountry Carolina Association