Tietex International

Industry: Manufacturing

A global manufacturer and the world’s largest producer of stitchbonded, non-woven fabrics.

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In House Corporate Training

We were onsite capturing years of corporate knowledge then turning it into a training tool.

Tietex has long term employees. Folks that have been in their jobs for over twenty years. They wanted to provide more than a training manual for future employees. They wanted in-depth, hands-on, real world training with a seasoned professional. We worked on a series of videos with their senior staff and produced DVD training that contains site specific information, trouble shooting, and extensive job related knowledge.

Tietex International

With an aging workforce, we decided it was imperative to capture on video the specialized knowledge of some of our key people. The first video MoreView Media created for us was so successful that we’re doing a year-long series of videos with them. MoreView is very professional and delivers excellent quality at a very reasonable rate!

P.K. Garmon , Training Manager Tietex International