Print Portfolio

From creative writing to content development to production, we offer a range of services.

Grown In Spartanburg Map Guide

The Spartanburg Convention and Visitors Bureau wanted to promote agricultural tourism in the county. They asked us for assistance in developing this tour from the ground up. We worked with multiple agencies to develop the criteria and and content which became this self-guided tour of farms, farm stands, markets and other points of interest. We provided project management, content development, graphic design, creative writing, photography and print services, along with developing a companion mobile-oriented website.

Relocation Packet

The city of Spartanburg needed a city-centric piece for relocation prospects. They were relying on materials from the Chamber, but those encompassed the whole county. They came to us for help. We developed a marketing plan and a multi-media packet to engage their prospects. After someone requests information, they receive an auto-responder e-newsletter on the city’s schools, neighborhoods and amenities. In the mail they receive this self-mailer that contains a copy of the book, The Underground Guide to Spartanburg, along with a DVD which features videos we produced. The mailer is built to include other information as needed. On average the city is mailing out at least 1 per day.

Spartanburg Music Trail Map Guide

The Spartanburg Music Trail printed piece needed to be refreshed. New stops had been added, the signage on the ground had changed slightly and there was interest in cross promoting local businesses. The Spartanburg Convention & Visitors Bureau partnered with Hub City Writers Project, the City of Spartanburg, and the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra to produce this version of the tour and they came to us for help. We kept within the guidelines of the existing look while adding a fresh take. We developed new side trips and incorporated existing elements from other downtown tours. We provided graphic design, creative writing, photography and print services, along with developing a companion mobile-oriented website.

Textile Town Map Guide

The Spartanburg Convention & Visitors Bureau came to us with a problem: how do we give tourists an experience with our textile heritage when so many of our mills are closed or are not open to the public? We worked with a local publisher and expert to developed a self-guided driving tour of textile points of interest around the county. We centered the tour around eating in mill village restaurants with an opportunity to meet and mingle with folks that have a direct connection to this history. The tour also encompasses museums, monuments and mills. This product has seen many reprintings because of its popularity. We provided graphic design, creative writing and print services.

Underground Guide to Spartanburg

Printed by Hub City Press and funded by the city of Spartanburg and the Spartanburg Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Underground Guide to Spartanburg, Vol. 1 & 2, are guide books to the locally owned, unique attractions in the area. From roller derby to acupuncture, these books cover it. We contributed photography and writing along with providing editorial services for both editions. We handled pre-sales of the books and assisted with securing funding, organizing contributors and promotion.

Historic Downtown Walking Tour Map

When it was time to update Spartanburg’s downtown historical tour, we were tapped for the job. We started by revisiting all the content. We found a local, expert historian, and with his help, along with assistance from the Spartanburg Counties Public Libraries and the Spartanburg County Historical Association, we added additional stops, new photographs, and new content. We also developed a mobile website version of this tour with audio tracks for each stop. (Please see our Web Portfolio.)

Croft State Park Map

Croft State Park sees lots of visitors and a good many of them were getting lost while out hiking or biking. They were using a poor quality, black and white map to depict color coded trails. We worked with their rangers to create a piece that would work for all their users: campers, hikers, bikers and horseback riders. The map includes things to do, multi-use trails and highlights the most popular passages. We provided content generation, graphic design, and print production.

Cottonwood Trail Map Guide

One of Spartanburg’s most popular green spaces didn’t have a brochure. It’s a well-known trail to many locals, but could see greater visitation if there was a take-away that provided directions, length of the trails, and descriptions of wildlife viewing opportunities. We worked with the Spartanburg Area Conservancy (SPACE), who owns and maintains the property, and the Spartanburg Convention and Visitors Bureau to produce this guide. We provided content development, graphic design, and print production.

Upcountry SC Visitors Guide

Since 2010 we have been providing content for the Upcountry SC Visitors Guide. This annual publication features the six counties in the Upstate. Content includes condensed stories in print with a drive back to the full story online. Other services provided to this client include social media management, website content development, newsletter generation, and advertising sales.

County Map

The Spartanburg Convention & Visitors Bureau wanted maps of the county to provide to the hotels and attractions. The only asset they had was a single printed copy that was years out of date. We were able to recreate and update the map. The final products were printed in pads for ease-of-use by frontline employees.